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My art is born from a process of transformation of the paint. I am interested in the constant change and movement of the human condition, and I materialize it through my art. I create skins of paintings, which I wait till they dry, then I fold them and give them life. I do not paint over canvas, it all paint. The fundament of my work its not material but spiritual


Ignacio Muv

(Chile, 1980)

Based EEUU


Ignacio Muv has studies in Architecture, is Visual Artist and Chef  (Finis Terrae University, Catholic University of Chile, Ecole Culinaire Francaise).

Ignacio addresses the potential of painting as a material. His artworks present the painting from its tactile, sensory and virtual dimension; where the dialogue between the painting, the frame and the canvas is direct, suppressing the formal obligations in that relation.

Muv literally immerses himself in the painting and inhabits it from within.

His work is an extension of the experimentation and constant transformation of the states of pictorial matter.

 In the execution of his artwork, he proposes a crossing with his professions.

Ignacio has been represented by prestigious galleries in NYC. His artwork has been exhibited in important Contemporary Art Fairs (Art Southampton ,Pulse Art NY , Pulse Art Miami, Art Miami, Scope Art, Art Tokyo, among others) and these are in important private and public Collections around the world (USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK,France, Kuwait, Australia, Argentina, Chile).

He has obtained recognition within his country (Artist of the XXI Century) and internationally (first place in ArtOlimpya within the framework of Art Tokyo).

He currently works and resides in the USA

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