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Mareo Rodriguez “Mareo” (1981) is an architect and visual artist born in Mexico City, grew up in Medellin, Colombia and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. His work is a look at matter, topography and natural territory conceived as a living, latent and constantly moving being; epidermal construction carved and worn by time, with its own rhythm and telluric language, which emerges, pulses, gravitates and generates different tensions, revealing itself through the landscape.

His works brings forward monochromatic pieces with a roughness so effortless that they resemble landscape photographs. The interplay between light and shadows breathes life to their two-dimensional nature and strengthens the message about the Earth’s surface. Black, gray, gold and white hues fill the space of the canvas in each of his pieces. Perhaps this interplay of the two dimensions is what led the artist to explore with sculpture, recreating the reliefs and depressions in the Earth’s surface with volume. With the same color spectrum as his paintings, Mareo is capable of capturing the shapes in nature, grasping only the projections of height, the geometric shapes and complexity of the surface to create clean, elegant and self-sufficient pieces.

The artist highlights the constant tension between the elementary schemes of empty spaces in the natural world and their transitory qualities through the transformation of matter. Its use of a mainly monochromatic or dichromatic range in both sculpture and painting tells us about an unchanging serenity that inhabits the natural elects in which it is inspired. He manages to refer to these sensation through the careful composition of few elements with extraordinary subtlety and simplicity.


1981  Architect and Visual artist born in México City,

raised in Medellín, Colombia and based in Barcelona, Spain


2013  Master in Fine Arts. UNA. Buenos Aires, ARG

2007  Master in Design. ELISAVA. Barcelona, ESP

2006  Fine art course at Bournemouth Arts Institute, UK

2004  Bachelor degree in Architecture at U.P.B. Medellín, COL



2019 “Stones”  JLS Gallery. Ciudad de Mexico, MEX

2019 “Black Desert”  Madison Gallery. San Diego, Cal. USA

2018 “Expansion” E3 Arte contemporánea. Brescia, ITA.

2018 “Expansion” JLSGallery. CDMX, MEX.

2017 “Expansion” Opera Gallery. Barcelona, ESP

2017 “Scapes” Cage Gallery. Barcelona, ESP

2016 “Estamos hechos polvo” Centre civic Urgell. Barcelona, ESP

2015  “Materia Fugit” Casa Italia. Barcelona, ESP

2015  “Estamos hechos polvo” Nomad Gallery Berlin, GER

2014  “Pieles desiertas” Hotel Charlee. Medellín, COL

2014  “Pieles desiertas” Centro cultural Borges. Buenos aires, ARG

2010  “Topografías intermitentes” Metro Suramericana hall. Medellín, COL

2004  “Fuerzas de la naturaleza” Centro Colombo Americano, Medellín, COL



2020 Art Remedy, Represented by Art N Folly Gallery, USA

2020 ARTVERONA Fair Digital. Represented by E3 gallery. ITA

2020 PINTA Miami Fair Digital. Represented by GBG gallery. USA

2020 “PRAISE OF THE DARK”. Macadam Gallery. Brussels, BE

2020 ARTEFIERA Bologna. Represented by E3 gallery. ITA

2020 ART PALM SPRINGS. Represented by Madison Gallery. USA

2020 ART PALM BEACH. Represented by GBG arts. USA

2019 STRINGS Light and Vision. Whitenoise gallery. Rome ITA

2019 ARTEFIERA Bologna. Represented by E3 gallery. ITA

2018 ARTVERONA Fair. Represented by E3 gallery. ITA

2018 CARRE LATIN. Palais Royal in Paris, FRA

2018 Subasta Grupo de los 16. CDMX, MEX

2018 AUTENTICA Fair. Ivy Node- Verona, ITA

2018 “TERRRITORIAL LINES” Benjamin Eck Gallery- Munich, GER.

2018 LA ART SHOW represented by Rofa Projects, Los Angeles, USA.

2017 ART CONTEXT Miami Fair; represented by Rofa Projects. USA

2017 ART TORONTO Fair; represented by Rofa Projects. Toronto, CAN

2017 ART MARBELLA Fair, represented by Rofa Projects, Marbella, ESP

2016 ART MED, represented by Imaginart Gallery, ESP

2016 “Geometrías variables” Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, ESP

2008  ARTEXPO Fair, represented by Arteclásica gallery. NYC, USA

2006  Bournemouth Arts Institute. England, UK


2019 “We Are” Art installation in Sharjah Art Museum. U.A.E

2018 “Desert Skins” Art installation in Sharjah Art Museum. United Arab Emirates

2018 “Viaggio” Art installation in Palazzo Ferrero. Biella, ITA

2017 “Become Become” Art residency at Arebyte Gallery. London, UK

2016 “Emerging topographies” Land art sculpture, Biella, ITA


2019 ” Matter is condensed light” Book

2018 “Expansion” book published by Vanillaedizioni and E3 contemporanea. ITA

2018 “Circuitos del Arte” Latinoamerica- Revista Arte al Límite. CHI

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