» Art Aspen: Contemporary Art Fair

Art Aspen: Contemporary Art Fair


07.07.2019 - 07.28.2019


The Directed Art Modern is pleased to presen Getting Home. Harry Skeggs, Troy Simmons, B.L.Jesseph, Bego Santiago and Camilla Webster in   Art Aspen. The exhibition looks to explore how the artists treat their concerns and how their presentation enables the viewer access to the personality of each artist presented, all with the intent of encouraging dialog, awareness, and interest in the perceptions and passions of the artist. Taking into consideration the very landscape of Aspen and the notion of the journey there, these works also touch on the idea of the artist and the journey embarked upon to create their art. Starting with British Wildlife Photographer Harry Skeggs, one clearly sees and understands the journey he embarks upon to meet the subjects he encounters in the wild. Not a typical photographer, Skeggs focuses not only on capturing a lion or Giraffe in his sights, but he wants the animal to make eye contact with him – thus creating a moment, private, that he shares with his subject and one with his viewer. Troy Simmons, on the other hand works in concrete, not the most pliable of mediums but one with a long history of use – Simmons, though takes this common material and elevates it under his skill and transforms it into works of art exploring shape, shadow and dimension. B.L. Jesseph through the medium of pigmentless tattoo on paper takes us through this unexpected use of a machine to tranquil landscapes out of of universe to encourage the viewer to explore the depths and variations of the moon’s surface. Spanish artist Bego Santiago in her video Loop Diaries installations brings the viewer to witness aspects of life and how she can take the mundane and elevate it to not only an internal monolog but also to a masterpiece of self exploration and art. Lastly, Camilla Webster, through her deft application of paint presents a landscape both welcoming and mystical and it is through her piece that all the works complete their journey across continents, atmosphere, medium and memory.


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