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02.15.2019 - 02.18.2019

Responding to the world in which we inhabit, The Directed Art Modern presents Divided, Fragmented, Coming Together, a group exhibit featuring works from: Lauren Shapiro, Augusto Esquivel, Stefano Ogliari Badessi, Giulia Ronchetti, Silvia Trappa, Guang Yu Zhang, and Ariel Ortega, all who through their art highlight bits and pieces not only of everyday life, but also present vignettes into society. Included in the DAM Booth 304, will be The DAM Peep Show,giving a glimpse into some of our secret fixations and passions, featuring works from: Patty Suau, Andrew Millar and Shawn Kolodny . Combined, Divided, Fragmented, Coming Together, and The DAM Peep Show, ask the viewer to question how society arrived at today, how we see, what we look at, the world we inhabit.


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