» When Lines Meets Memory

When Lines Meets Memory


09.12.2019 - 09.30.2019


The Directed Art Modernis pleased to present: Matt Neuman, Steven Rudin, and Tomas Valdiviesoin our brand-new September 2019 exhibition, When Line Meets Memory.

When Line Meets Memoryexplores the intricacies of the human memory and how it correlates with the process of art creation. In the art world, we define lineas the most basic element which is present in all manners of visual artistic expressions. As such, line represents the origin of art itself.

As proposed by Richard Atkinson & Richard Shiffrin, humans are capable of keeping a recollection of past experiences through the senses. When we observe, smell, hear, touch, or taste, these sensations are registered deep within us, forming what we know as memories. These memories comprise the references and inspirations –to a conscious and subconscious level—that play a major role in the formation of our individual artistic expression. If line is the origin, memory is all that follows.

Our three featured artists each take the partnership between line and memory to their own distinctive level, presenting unique constructions through a variety of media.


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